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What is Cornerstone?
Cornerstone is a charity supporting the housing, training and community needs of adults without a home and children requiring an alternative provision to school.

Our community and training based approach to developing key life skills has helped more than 80 people over the past five years to live a better quality life in County Durham.

We handcraft quality redwood furniture from raw materials for the home, garden and commercial projects from out unit in Low Willington, which provides our training environment. Every £9 profit made on our furniture provides a night’s accommodation for someone without a home.

Are you a registered charity?
Yes, we have been since our foundation in 2008. Our registered charity number is 1145726.

Who will my purchase benefit?
All of the revenue from sales is put back into the charity. For every £9 that Cornerstone makes in profit on furniture, it can house one homeless person or a person at risk of homelessness. Many of our staff were once living within our emergency housing. They’ve worked their way through a system of personal progression to be making money and contributing to society and their community positively. The bigger our furniture business gets, the more formerly homeless people are able to access genuine employment and independence with us.

Could I become a distributor for Cornerstone’s goods?
Yes, please telephone us on 01388 747892 or email at

Is the timber responsibly sourced?
Making sure we source well-managed timber in both the UK and Overseas continues to be a key issue for us, and we know how much it matters to our customers. This is why we’re committed to buying timer products that have been certified as sourced from well-managed forests.

We believe this is currently the best way of ensuring that our activities don’t cause deforestation and degradation. Our suppliers are signed up to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The FSC is one of the world’s most respected forest certification schemes, with certificates issued in all forest types around the world. The growing demand for FSC certified products tell forest owners that businesses and consumes prefer products from well-managed forests.


Payment Methods
In store – We accept all major credit and debit cards including VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Delta and American Express.  We also accept Cheques written out to –
Cornerstone Supported Housing and Counselling LTD
Online – We accept all major credit and debit cards including VISA, VISA Electron and Mastercard. We also accept PayPal payments.

Faulty Goods
If your good are damaged and faulty on delivery please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a solution.

How long will it take to make my furniture?
Cornerstone aims to have your order completed and delivered within two weeks. At busy times this may be slightly longer as we are a small charity with limited number of staff.

Do we do deliveries?
Yes, we do deliver. Anywhere within a 10 mile of our workshop in 12 Brockwell Court, Low Willington Industrial Estate costs £10. Anything further will cost more based on miles travelled to deliver.

Who makes our furniture?
Our furniture is made under the supervision of our trained workshop supervisors by our tenants who arrived to us without a home. Every £9 profit made from their hard work provides 1 nights accommodation for those without a home.

Can I order a different size to your standard?
Yes, we can make furniture to your specified sizes but this will be at a higher cost as individual parts would need to be cut and assembled separately, however the cost will remain very competitive. Please contact us for more details.


How do you apply for housing with cornerstone?
We only accept housing referrals from referral schemes such a Durham County Council, Housing organisations and prison referrals. We do accept applications if you are approaching us as an individual.